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Tokina 100mm Cine Macro

With a 1:1 (life size) magnification and full frame coverage, the Tokina 100mm Macro is the ideal lens to use for those crisp close up shots – whether that be for product photography or tiny flora and fauna. Both the focus and aperture are not only geared, but colour coded to calculate stop loss and exposure compensation at close working distances.









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Ready for this Tokina lens hire? This cinema-class lens from Tokina is perfect for shooting macro close-ups with a full-frame camera. Tokina’s cine lens offers a 1:1 magnification ratio with a filmmaker-friendly working distance of 11.8″. The lens’s optical design is ready for 4K resolution to help your provide clear, crisp, content with low distortion and aberration. This lens is an ideal pick for cinematography, broadcast and high quality video content, and thanks to its strong performance, the lens remains ever popular with filmmakers today.

It is perfectly designed for cinema cameras, with an Arri PL mount and colour coded markings that help you to adjust for exposure loss. 

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