We’ve been hard at work on The Tigers Of Scotland for some time – the last time we had a chance to speak to you, we were crowdfunding for it way back in May! We promise not to leave it so long next time before updating you, but it’s because we’ve been very busy finishing the film.

Well, the film is now finished! It’s quite a weight off our shoulders to finally have finished this project, though it’s not completely over. We had our two premieres – one in Manchester and one in Edinburgh – and both were received well. We’ve also had a smaller private screening hosted at Market Drayton, as the Festival Drayton Centre kindly enabled us to screen the film there. So we’ve had a few private screenings now, but what next?

Leanne at the Manchester Premiere of The Tigers Of Scotland
Leanne at the Manchester Premiere of The Tigers Of Scotland stood next to our poster for the film.

We’re planning a few screenings around Scotland in conjunction with Scottish Wildcat Action, the details of which are as follows –

There will also be a screening of the film in Morvern at some point in January, though we don’t have any details just yet and unfortunately we won’t be in attendance at that screening. The details of this screening will be shared when they are confirmed via our social media channels.

These events are all free to attend and there will be additional talks on, which vary depending on the event. We couldn’t be more excited to be able to bring this film to the people living alongside these beautiful cats – and hopefully these people will be able to help spread the word about what their friends, family and neighbours can do to help this amazing species. Many of them already work hard as volunteers, juggling the management of trail cameras and the trapping of feral cats with their own personal and professional lives – and to them, we want to say a huge thank you for taking on board the effort to help save Scottish Wildcats.

We’d love to get The Tigers Of Scotland into cinemas, on DVD or on television so that the general public can watch it and learn more about  Scottish Wildcats, but this is very expensive to do as an independent producer and so the cost of having the film certified by the BBFC and pressing DVDs is quite prohibitive. However, we are lucky in that we already have a distributor and they have already been in discussion with several outlets, so we’re hoping we hear some news about the film’s distribution worldwide soon! We will be sure to let you know of any developments with regards to distribution when we have such news.

One thing we can do is to submit The Tigers Of Scotland into several film festivals worldwide in an effort to raise awareness of the species globally, as well as within Scotland and the UK. There are a few festivals in the UK I’d like to get the film into, as well as the international festivals, but we’ll have to wait and see. Getting the film into these festivals is important, as often broadcasters and other distributors are in attendance and they might just be looking for a film such as ours for their channel. It therefore helps us to get it seen by commissioners and, hopefully, they’ll want to show our film on their channel, making it accessible to the general public.

That is, after all, our end goal; to get the film screened to as wide an audience as possible in order to raise awareness of this critically endangered species – to put this into perspective, there are a lot of films and programmes on lions and conservationists are concerned for the species’ welfare, yet there are approximately 20,000 lions still roaming free in Africa. There are thought to be 95 Scottish Wildcats in the wild, yet their existence is barely recognised by natural history programming, and as a result a huge proportion of the population don’t even know we have a native cat species, let alone how very endangered it is.

Scottish Wildcat card received at the premiere of The Tigers Of Scotland
A wonderful card we received from our writer John Rice and his wife Clare at the Edinburgh Premiere of The Tigers Of Scotland featuring a Scottish Wildcat design

There’s still a long way to go, but now that we’ve got The Tigers Of Scotland finished we’re closer to reaching our goal of getting it in front of the general public. The volunteers and locals near these screenings in Scotland are a good starting point though – these are the people we want to be talking more openly to their friends and neighbours about Scottish Wildcats, the threats they face and the things that individuals can do to help save these wonderful creatures from extinction. Raising awareness of the plights this animal faces is one of the major ways in which we as filmmakers can help it – but we have always been conscious of making sure this film inspires people rather than leaves them depressed over the animals’ future. There are things that individuals can do in order to help and, for the most part, they are quite insignificant changes to our own lives which will have a big impact collectively.

We’re hard at work on creating a new trailer for the film too, as our current trailer is from way back in January and an awful lot has happened in production since then – not least to say we interviewed five more people! Watching the original teaser trailer in comparison to the finished film, the biggest thing I notice is the incredible colour grade on the film – it truly shows the benefits of hiring specialists for areas of work such as post production. Hopefully, the new trailer won’t take us too long to put together.

Finally, if you’d like to keep up to date with the latest about The Tigers Of Scotland, you can do so by following the film’s social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Any exciting new developments will be posted there first!

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