The team at Wild Films are delighted to be launching a campaign in support of The Tigers of Scotland!

The Tigers of Scotland is our first feature-length documentary film all about the Scottish Wildcat. The film will be detailing the species, the threats, the conservation efforts, and the beautiful folklore surrounding this tragically and severely endangered species.

We’ve been out in the field for the best part of a year, really, when you add in the research, the amazing writing, the production, the support and even some of the unforseen obstacles we’ve had to overcome – and a lot of that is before the actual filming!

This evening brings the launch of a crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising funds to support post production on the film, and contributions received will also be used to help the cats themselves, as 5% of each contribution will be donated equally between two charities we’ve been working with during filming.

We invite you to support the campaign and share it with your friends and family; there are a range of rewards available for those interested in contributing and stay tuned on this website, on IndieGoGo and over at for further announcements pertaining to the film.



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  • Good luck with the film and with the campaign. Having just published a book on the Scottish wildcat in the last month, I have learned so much about these intelligent, beautiful and hardy animals and wish I knew more. Karen McCall, MD, Merlin Unwin Books

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