Small Business Saturday is here again this year, and while most people associate it with retail and food businesses it can be harder for service based businesses like ours to join in. We aren’t able to offer the same one day sales or face to face interaction with the public, as our clients are other businesses – many of whom are also busy on a day such as today, taking full advantage of the support the public and government gives them on Small Business Saturday. So how do we join in?

The biggest way we can help our clients is through branded content. Branded content is any kind of video work you might need to help promote your business – whether it’s a TV commercial, an online advert or episodic content for social media. We work carefully with our clients to produce work that reflects their brands and the message they want to promote – whether that’s a new product, a general advertisement about themselves, an event or anything else which they might want video content for. We can work to a range of budgets, as we realise that small businesses – particularly very new businesses – might only have a limited amount of money allocated for something like video marketing. That doesn’t mean that your video has to look as though it was made on a budget though, as we have a lot of our own equipment and in-house facilities alongside our skills and expertise.

Small Business Saturday 2017 offer

As it’s not really feasible for us to offer a one-day discount or sale, we decided to launch a discount on Small Business Saturday that is valid for the rest of the month. This special offer entitles all bookings to 20% off our fees for creating branded content and it’s valid right up until 31st December 17. To qualify for the discount, an enquiry must be confirmed and booked in with us by 31st December, but that doesn’t mean that we have to film your content in December – we know that it’s far too busy a month for most businesses. You could book your branded content with us to be shot in January or February – perhaps ready for a new product you’re planning to launch or a new marketing strategy.

Take a look at our Branded Content page to find out more and get in touch to see how our business can help your business. Let’s start an adventure together!

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