You know the drill. Legally we have to write and publish this, so let’s get it over and done with. It’s all in plain English too, so that you’re totally clear what’s what.

In order for the website to look its best for you, we use the Jetpack plugin, which uses cookies. Here’s their recipe.

We hate spam as much as anyone else. We don’t even have a newsletter, so you won’t have anything to unsubscribe to, don’t worry!

So that the website isn’t full of spam comments from bots, we use the Akismet plugin. If you leave a comment on any page, the information you provide is processed by Akismet as a result. For more info, click here.

If you’re getting in touch using the contact form or simply with our phone number or email address, we’ll use your details to respond to you. If we didn’t, that would be rude, don’t you think? Your information doesn’t go anywhere other than directly to us.

If you’re hiring equipment from us, we require certain personal information from you. This of course includes your contact details plus your address, delivery address (if this is different from your address) and bank details. All of this is needed to assess and mitigate risk, plus of course actually get the kit out to you. Your contact details and address(es) are shared with the courier, whereas trade references and bank details may be used to verify your identity. We don’t need or process card details as payments are handled via invoice and BACS.

In summary, any and all information that Wild Films has about you was provided willingly by yourselves. Can't get much more explicitly opt-in than that, surely?!

Should you have any questions or queries about any of the above or anything that isn’t perhaps covered in this policy, please email us (and your email address won’t be added to a mailing list in the process, we promise!)