Infrared and Thermal Spectrums

31st July 2019 No Comments

There can be some confusion over the differences between the different types of night vision: infrared and thermal imaging. This post will explain the differences, advantages and uses of each. First, take a look at this chart. It maps part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and should help visualise where the different spectrums are in relation … Read More

The Tigers Of Scotland on Netflix

3rd November 2018 1 Comment

Some time ago, we received some exciting news about The Tigers Of Scotland from our distributor, but were asked to keep it to ourselves until the time came. Well, we’re super excited, because the time has now come to tell you all our news…The Tigers Of Scotland is now available on Netflix in FOUR territories!

Filming the Sierra Leone Marathon

29th June 2018 1 Comment

Sierra Leone is a country which many don’t know much about, other than it being badly hit by the Ebola outbreak in 2014-2016. When She Went Wild and Street Child presented me with the opportunity to go there and film the marathon that Street Child have been organising for the past seven years, I just couldn’t turn it down.

Exhibiting at The Photography Show 2018

21st March 2018 No Comments

The past few days have been more than a little busy. Straight after the OIA conference, we were in Birmingham getting prepared to exhibit for the first time at The Photography Show. Our friends over at Scott Country International kindly invited us to exhibit on their stand with them – and I even ended up on a live broadcast interview talking about thermal cameras!