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Natural History Production in South America

Wild Films is a leading, globally mobile, independent natural history, travel and science film production company.  Have a project in South America? Wild Films is here for you! We offer a range of services for video content projects set in South America, including video production, editing, film production, and photography. 

Our simple operations structure make it easy for out team to travel to South America, work with locals, and film and produce on your behalf.

Wild Films continues to enjoy a reputation of quality and high production values.

Our capital is creativity and quality. We believe in only producing the best possible footage for every client, be they television broadcast channels, NGOs, charities, community interest companies, South American travel agencies and booking companies – and all businesses in South America whose focus is the outdoors industry.

Wild Films Clients - and where we've appeared

street child - wild films - film production project
Forestry England - Wild Films - Natural History Film Producers
Peak District National Park Association - Wild Films
Wild Films - Netflix - Leanne Gater and Alex Stone
Wild Films has been producing films for over 10 years and have the experience and expertise to create a film that will raise awareness for your cause.

The problem is it can be hard to show the world what you’re doing when they don’t believe you. Perhaps your org is stuck in a rut – you want to share your story, but it doesn’t feel like anyone wants to hear it. Wild Films can help you create the high-quality video content you need to get your message out there and make a real difference.

Get in touch now for a discussion about your natural history, science, travel or NGO film or content project in South America.

Natural History Production in South America WITH WILD FILMS

Branded Content Film Production

Video has also become a powerful marketing tool for charities, NGOs and brands, as it connects audiences with causes, consumers to products and builds brand loyalty. Across the world just as in South America, video is now more accessible than ever before, as distribution tools such as YouTube and Facebook live streaming have made it an affordable and accessible form of raising awareness quickly, and even for advertising and fundraising.

We make it easy for you by producing footage that can be broken down into all the formats that you need. We can travel, or reach out to access a network of filmmakers who can help you create a film that will tell your story and capture the hearts of your audience. We make it easy for you. With decades of experience in producing films between the team, we will work with your organization from start to finish.

Wild Films provides you with high-quality footage and expert video production services at an affordable price.

With experience across the production cycle including pre and post production, Wild Films can also create bespoke films based on your awareness, educational or on-demand needs about natural history, wildlife, science and the outdoors for broadcast, brands and even for cinematic release.

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