Macro Probe Lens Hire

Laowa Macro Probe

The Laowa 24mm Macro Probe lens offers a completely unique way of seeing the world.

With its double life-size magnification, the Probe lets you get closer to your subjects whilst retaining a wide angle perspective and deeper depth of field than traditional macro lenses.

Full Frame

With its full frame coverage, fully utilise large format cameras and the wide angle perspective.

Cine Ready

Both the focus and aperture rings are geared for use with a follow focus, plus the aperture is de-clicked for smooth iris pulls.


The lens focuses from infinity all the way down to 2:1 magnification - just 2cm from the end of the lens.

Tubular Design

With its long, thin barrel, the lens can reach places other macro lenses can't for a true 'bug's eye' view.

Waterproof Barrel

Not only is the long, thin lens great for shooting in difficult-to-reach places, but it's waterproof all the way up to the middle of the lens!

Shoot underwater, in rock pools, bottles of drink or anywhere else you can think of that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Wide Angle View

With a short focal length of 24mm and full frame coverage, the lens provides a traditional wide angle perspective, whilst simultaneously being able to get super close to your subject.

Macro-level film and photography with a wide angle lens not only exaggerates perspective for dramatic imagery, but results in a deeper depth-of-field, adding context and definition to the scene.

LED Ring Light

Due to its unique design, the lens' aperture is limited to f/14. Whilst shooting outdoors may not be an issue, any dark spaces or interiors necessitate additional lighting.

The lens boasts a mini ring light built-in to the end of the lens, powered by any USB source. With the included USB cable, you can use the ring light to light your subject even in dense forests, underwater, inside small spaces or anywhere else you can use the lens!


Laowa Macro Probe
Focal Length 24mm
Aperture f/14 to f/40
Mount Canon EF
Coverage Full frame
Angle of View 85 degrees
Close Focus 47cm (2cm from lens tip)
Aperture blades 7
Dimensions 413x66mm
Barrel Diameter 20mm
Weight 537g
Miscellaneous Waterproof barrel, LED ring light

Hire details

£75/day + VAT

We work on a '4 day week', meaning you can hire for seven consecutive days and it'll only cost four days' hire. Weekends count as only one day too!

Please note that the cut off time for bookings is 10:30am the day before delivery is expected, so all relevant paperwork must be completed before then. Be sure to check out our How To Hire page for more information.

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