Great Nature Documentaries To Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Great nature documentaries. There’s nothing like indulging in some self-care and relaxing with a thoroughly well-made natural history film or series, is there? At Wild Films, we love watching wildlife and natural history documentaries as much as we love writing and making natural history films and outdoors film content of our own.

Does Amazon Prime have nature documentaries?

Amazon Prime has a tonne of natural history programmes, nature documentaries and wildlife documentaries for you to enjoy, both feature-length and as series. Without further ado, here’s our list of great natural history documentaries on Prime Video:

untamed romania - natural history documentary - wild films ltd

Untamed RomaniaUnderrated, independent feature length natural history documentary with some truly excellent footage from the deep wild woods of Romania – with lots of bears, wild horses, lynx, Carpathian mountaintop landscapes and meditative Danube views for you to really feast upon. Filmed in collaboration with The European Nature Trust, this natural history documentary begins its BBC-esque, encyclopaedic story at sunrise, with hungry grizzlies out snuffling for their breakfast to meet the morning light – and the rest of the creatures in the forest. Definitely worthy of a Sunday evening telly binge when you feel there’s nothing online to watch.

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MERU – An epic and incredible reminder that natural history documentaries can well include human stories and how we tackle and live with the natural landscape. While it leans more towards the reality x natural history genre, this doesn’t prevent the film from being totally gripping throughout. 

Yes, there are plenty of climbing documentaries out there, but MERU is constantly referred to as one of the most inspiring mountain climbing films that’s been made in recent times. It’s guaranteed to make your stomach do somersaults as they recant their extraordinary tale of nearly losing everything on the climb – including their lives.

Available to rent from $2.49 / £2.49

Blackfish – This classic and heart-rendering wildlife film which follows the orca, Tilikum, is pretty much canon when it comes to conservation-themed natural history documentaries. It is possibly the only film that’s gone out on a limb to actually impact an industry that profits from captive animals – and might be single-handedly responsible for decimating SeaWorld’s profits year after year (although we couldn’t possibly say). More happily, Blackfish shows a sensitive, fragile side to the orca that, until that point, we had never usually experienced in mainstream wildlife film narratives.

Available to rent from $3.49 / £3.49

The Tigers Of Scotland is a feature length natural history documentary about Scottish Wildcats


The Tigers of Scotland. OK, ok – that’s one of our films, so we’re biased. But then why wouldn’t we be? The Tigers of Scotland takes a rare and privileged look into the critically endangered world of the Scottish Wildcat, wildcat conservation and the ecosystems which hold the key to the feline’s survival. Narrated by Iain Glen (Game of Thrones), this natural history documentary explores the past, present and future of this majestic felix. 

Available to rent from £5.49/$5.49

Honourary mention: Baby Planet – This is a bit fluffy, but who cares. This is very much a fun entry to the list – we couldn’t not include it. While it’s not of the same gritty substance that you would expect from a natural history show or series, this is 100% a binge-watch if you’re say, ill, having a duvet day, going through a breakup – orif you’re the kind who seriously takes to YouTube and therapeutically checks out the latest kitten and puppy videos or is first in line to the latest Dodo vids on social. Ridiculously cute – and way more lovely animal babies than the usual fare of cats and dogs.

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