Drone Filming

Wild Films are a qualified Drone Operator Company holding the relevant insurance and CAA certification for commercial video production. We are fully qualified, and can offer you the best of both worlds – whether you’re looking for aerial cinematography or commercial drone filming services.

You can trust Wild Films to handle your drone needs with professionalism and ease, as we offer certified CAA drone pilots who are highly experienced videographers, and film production specialists to ensure you get the perfect shot.


If you're looking for an aerial unit, then we want to be your first choice. Our UK drone filming services are a great complement to any production.

We only use resilient, production-ready UAVs that allow us to shoot 4K video and photos, day or night. Should you require any additional unit production, direction or post-production services with your aerial filming, please be sure to brief your production or project when you get in touch with us, so we can assist you in the best possible way.

Hire Drone Pilots

If you want to add a unique touch to your production, then hire our UK drone pilots for drone filming.

Our team members can provide a bird’s eye view for your footage – from raw drone filming services, to hyperlapses and aerial photography, as well as videography.

As a UK independent film company specialising in natural history and outdoors productions – you can take full advantage of our experience, knowledge and excellent client support.

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