Recently we were commissioned by Delamere Logs to make a promotional video for them. It came at an opportune time for us, as with the release of our brand new site, we want to be creating more branded content for outdoor, adventure, travel and nature companies. They have recently had a new website too, and so were advised to have a video made. So it was perfect timing that our ideal client needed our services!

It can be scary when you’re ordering a product or service from someone and you don’t know exactly how it will impact your business. The overall point of a video is the same as other marketing – you want to reach new people and convert them into new customers who keep returning to buy from your business. But if you’ve never had a promotional video before, it can be hard to work out the return you’ll get from the money you’re spending.

As a small business ourselves, we appreciate this – we have to go out on a limb ourselves sometimes and spend a lot of money on a new piece of kit, hoping that it earns its keep.

Sunrise at Delamere Logs

Delamere Logs are very much a family business; run by two brothers with the help of their father on the farm that has been in the family since the 1940s. They care about their products and ensuring that the customers get the best service they can provide. They are conscious of their carbon footprint and of where the materials they purchase are coming from. All of this is what we wanted to express in their video.

It’s a cliché, but people buy from people. They want to see a face to a business, which you just don’t get with the really big businesses. They want to know that their custom is valued. When you contact Delamere Logs, you speak to either Will or Sam Starkey. When your logs are delivered, it’s likely to be Will or Sam delivering. They work the machines, they test the products for moisture content. They care about their business – and that definitely comes across when you speak to them.

Filming in Delamere Forest for Delamere Logs

We had a lot of creative freedom – and fun – in making this video. When we met Sam in the morning, he told us how excited he was to have us at the yard for the day. Although watching us film probably wasn’t all that exciting in itself, problem solving was an enjoyable experience and their involvement helped. No technocrane? No problem, we’ll just use the JCB with a man-basket. Interviewee much taller than you? Stand on a peli case to raise their eyeline. It’s good to have clients who trust you, but who also want to enjoy the experience of having you there to film their work.

We were lucky with the weather and got both a beautiful sunrise and a gorgeous sunset – which is exactly what we had hoped for. Autumn is also a great time of year to be filming, with the falling leaves and the vibrant colours, so we spent some time filming in nearby Delamere Forest after covering everything we could think of about the work at the yard – multiple times, from multiple angles.

We are thorough when we do shoots like this, because the last thing you want is to get into the edit and think, “if only I had a shot of this…”

The sunset in Delamere Logs' video

We opted to create narration for the video through interviews with both Sam and Will for the film, and neither were particularly looking forward to being on camera! After a while, both of them were visibly more comfortable and were giving us really good, detailed answers which showed how passionate they are about Delamere Logs and making sure their customers get great service and good quality products. However bad they thought they might have done, we had 9 minutes worth of excellent narration from both of them – which we had a hard time cutting down to just 2 minutes.

With all the footage we had shot, we were spoiled for choice in the edit. Because we had been so thorough in covering everything, we didn’t feel as though we were missing any shots and were able to construct a video that the client really liked and that we’re proud of. Once we chose a track to use for the background music and had cut the interviews down to the absolute core points that we knew they wanted to get across in the video, we got to work making it all look and sound good!

We’re really pleased with the video – and they had the most wonderful reaction you can hope for from a client. So if you have an open fire or a log burning stove, check them out. And don’t forget to check out the video we made for them too!

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