We provide cinematography services to the film and TV industry

The Right Look

Being a cinematographer does not start on set. We work closely with the director and the production designer during pre-production, collaborating on concept art, mood boards, look books, storyboards and shot lists. With this planning are we able to express the director's vision fully, conveying emotion and meaning on screen through the use of specific lensing, lighting and movement.

With a comprehensive knowledge of lighting styles, compositional connotations and cinematic conventions, we can craft the look of a scene that is appropriate and suitable for the subject matter and subtext.

Kit and Crew

We have a team of many highly qualified and experienced camera and lighting crews. Their proficiency and dependability means we can work efficiently and effectively on your productions, delivering your project to a cinematic and professional standard.

We can provide both crew and equipment; good working relationships with kit hire companies means we are able to provide cameras, lenses, grip and lighting at preferential rates for your shoot, including Arri Alexas and RED cameras plus anamorphic lenses.

Alex is our in-house director of photography, producing work for features, shorts, TV dramas, commercials and more.

He's particularly keen on genre films due to the creative flexibility they permit, along with outdoor shoots and the challenges and rewards they bring.