The Tigers Of Scotland on Netflix

3rd November 2018 1 Comment

Some time ago, we received some exciting news about The Tigers Of Scotland from our distributor, but were asked to keep it to ourselves until the time came. Well, we’re super excited, because the time has now come to tell you all our news…The Tigers Of Scotland is now available on Netflix in FOUR territories!

Tigers On Tour

6th November 2017 No Comments

We’ve been hard at work on The Tigers Of Scotland for some time – the last time we had a chance to speak to you, we were crowdfunding for it way back in May! We promise not to leave it so long next time before updating you.

The Tigers Of Scotland is crowdfunding!

8th May 2017 1 Comment

The team at Wild Films are delighted to be launching a campaign in advance of The Tigers of Scotland! The Tigers of Scotland is our first feature-length documentary film all about the Scottish Wildcat.

Filming The Clowns of the Sea

11th June 2015 No Comments

In order to film The Clowns of the Sea, the National Trust and Natural England kindly allowed us to film these comical little birds on the Farne Islands in Northumberland in May 2015. In many places – including along the Northumberland coast near the Farne Islands – puffins have become an icon of the seaside.