Astera Helios Hire

The ultimate portable light for use on-location or in the studio.
With full RGB colour, wireless control and powered by an internal battery, the Astera Helios tubes can go anywhere and light anything!

Battery Powered

No need to power via mains or even connect a battery: the internal battery means there's no cables whatsoever. Power it up absolutely anywhere!


With an IP65 rating, the Helios will work in any weather - perfect for documentaries and other outdoor shoots.


Operate the lights remotely with the IR remote up to 10m and with your phone up to 300m


Choose from a series of advanced effects, edit them or create your own colour animations for total customisation.

Portable Lighting

At 55cm/23" long, and only 42mm/1.6" in diameter, the Helios tubes are ideal for squeezing into spaces other lights simply won't fit, or for trekking out to hard to reach locations. That's why we supply our lights in a soft padded bag that can easily be slung over the shoulder or packed into a small tripod tube for vehicular travel.

The lights can also be mounted in numerous ways. Included are eyebolts to hang or tie the lights to structures, foot stands so they can be freestanding, or a pair of clamps per tube can be used with more traditional lighting stands.


The Helios tubes can be intuitively controlled in a number of ways. The lights each have a small control panel on the back which can be used to manually adjust colour, brightness and so on. They can also be controlled from a distance via IR remote that offers similar functionality.

For the full suite of features and abilities, the Helios tubes can be paired with the ART7 AsteraBox*. This enables you to control the lights wirelessly from a DMX controller or directly from your phone or tablet with the free Astera App! The lights can be controlled individually or, by creating groups, simultaneously or in sequence.

*ART7 AsteraBox is available as an optional extra.


The Helios tubes are full RGB, meaning you can choose any colour of the spectrum or pick from a wide selection of Lee and Rosco gel presets. White light can be balanced across a huge range of temperatures from 1,750K to 20,000K!

Additionally, the lights have a CRI and TLCI rating of over 96 - meaning colours and skin tones are rendered accurately and faithfully at any colour temperature. They also feature flicker free output so you can shoot at any frame rate and shutter angle.

Brightness 1340 lumens
Output @ 1m 393 lux
CRI/TLCI 98/98 @ 3200K 96/97 @ 5600K
Dimensions ø42 x 550mm
Weight 765g
Power Internal 20hr battery
Waterproof Rating IP65
Wireless 865-870MHz, 902-928MHz & 2.4GHz
Range 300m
Full specification here.


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Hire details

£50/day + VAT for a pair of tubes

If you need wireless control from a phone or effects, the ART7 AsteraBox is an additional £15/day + VAT.

We work on a '4 day week', meaning you can hire for seven consecutive days and it'll only cost four days' hire. Weekends count as only one day too!

Please note that the cut off time for bookings is 10:30am the day before delivery is expected, so all relevant paperwork must be completed before then. Be sure to check out our How To Hire page for more information.

Light it up

From £50/day