Some time ago, we received some exciting news about The Tigers Of Scotland from our distributor, but were asked to keep it to ourselves until the time came. Well, we’re super excited, because the time has now come to tell you all our news…

The Tigers Of Scotland is now available on Netflix in FOUR territories!

Netflix is considered one of the harder platforms to get films onto, mainly because they have strict technical standards and they know exactly what their audiences are interested in across all of their different territories. So to learn that they’d bought the film for not one but four territories was incredible – and all of you lovely folk from the UK, US, Canada and Australia now have the opportunity to learn more about Britain’s only remaining native cat species.

The Tigers Of Scotland - available on Netflix from 1st November

The film was released onto Netflix on 1st November and even though it’s only been available on there for two days, we’ve already had a lot of interest and brilliant feedback. One person from Scotland even reached out to us to say the film had inspired them to get involved in wildcat conservation and asked if we could point them in the direction of people to speak to about the area where they live. This is why we wanted to make this film: its overall goal is to raise awareness of this special, charismatic creature and if we inspire our audience to get involved in any way they can, that’s an absolute bonus. Even just ensuring your pet cats are neutered and vaccinated is a valuable method of helping conservationists – it’s estimated that there are 4,000 feral cats and 430,000 pet cats in Scotland alone, compared to the current running estimate of approximately 100 wildcats. That’s 40x as many feral cats and a whopping 4,300x as many pet cats to each Scottish Wildcat, so the simple and relatively inexpensive neutering procedure really can have a huge impact, while keeping your pets vaccinated keeps both them and any wildcats they encounter safe and healthy.

At present, you’ll need to search for the film on Netflix, as it’s not been on the platform long enough for their algorithm to begin matching it to viewing preferences. You can search for it by the title of the film, Iain Glen or Leanne Gater, though it can also be found in the Documentaries and British Films categories. Please also remember to rate the film after you’ve watched it and to let your friends and family know about it. Rating and searching for the film helps Netflix’s automated algorithm as it provides the data to inform who may be interested in watching the film, resulting in it being recommended for people who may not otherwise have known it was on there. Of course, if we can build enough of a network, it may end up trending, but since that normally occurs for huge releases such as Marvel’s programming and Hollywood blockbusters, we won’t be upset if this doesn’t happen. Though if we can get it trending, that would be tremendous…

If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, there are other ways to watch the film too. Amazon Prime customers in the UK and US can watch the film for free as part of your membership, while regular Amazon customers in these countries can also buy or rent the film from Amazon Video. iTunes users can also buy or rent the film in 60 countries worldwide – so if you live outside of Amazon and Netflix’s territories and want to watch the film, it’s worth seeing if you can watch it through iTunes. We don’t have a full list of the countries it’s available in unfortunately, so we can only advise you check on iTunes.

If the film isn’t yet available in your country, don’t worry! Our distributor is working hard to make the film available in as many territories as possible, but negotiations with broadcasters and platforms takes time. We’ve had some great feedback from global broadcasters who have seen the film and we’re optimistic that this feedback may lead to further purchases of the film for an even wider audience. We’re still pretty amazed by the global response to this film and the interest in this creature, an animal which has been afforded very little time or effort by natural history programmes and the wider media to date – mainly because it’s just so elusive and difficult to track in the wild.

The Tigers Of Scotland will be available on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes for at least two years. Any further platforms will be announced in due course, so please do keep an eye out for further information on where to see the film.

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  • I was so touched by the dedication and hard work of all involved in the preservation of this beautiful animal.
    Have not enough kind words to thank them for their fight to see that theses amazing cats survive our age.
    I am a Crazy Brazilian cat person that loves Scotland a lot. There is something about Scotland that makes me so emotional . I have a lovely and cuddly cat “ Scottish fold” that has the amazing thick and beautiful raccoon tail of the wild cat. Thank you for your programe. I am truly Touched. Amelia Stewart .

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