Macro Probe Lens Hire


Laowa Macro Probe

The Laowa 24mm Macro Probe lens offers a completely unique way of seeing the world.

With its double life-size magnification, the Probe lets you get closer to your subjects whilst retaining a wide angle perspective and deeper depth of field than traditional macro lenses.

From £75/day

Wide Angle View

With a short focal length of 24mm and full frame coverage, the lens provides a traditional wide angle perspective, whilst simultaneously being able to get super close to your subject.

Cine Ready

Both the focus and aperture rings are geared for use with a follow focus, plus the aperture is de-clicked for smooth iris pulls.


The lens focuses from infinity all the way down to 2:1 magnification - just 2cm from the end of the lens. It also has a built in LED ring light for when you need to illuminate dark spaces.

Tubular Design

With its long, thin barrel, the lens can reach places other macro lenses can't for a true 'bug's eye' view - plus it's waterproof all the way up to the middle of the lens!