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Timelapse+ VIEW intervalometer

The Timelapse+ VIEW is the ultimate tool for capturing perfect timelapses for both photography and filmmaking.

The most comprehensive intervalometer on the market, the VIEW enables you to control your DSLR or mirrorless camera with ease, including mastering the holy grail of timelapses: complete day-to-night or night-to-day transitions.

From £25/day

Day to Night

Master the holy grail of timelapses - sunset to sunrise. The VIEW makes day-to-night or night-to-day transitions easy.

Camera Agnostic

The VIEW is designed to be universal. Included are multiple cable options for use with a wide variety of cameras.


Set up, control and monitor the VIEW live over wifi via your mobile phone.

GPS enabled

With built in GPS, the VIEW can utilise your precise location to facilitate tracking the sun or moon, or even dynamically exposing for eclipses

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cameras are supported?
Being camera agnostic, the VIEW is designed to be as universal as possible, however some cameras have their quirks. Compatibility is often limited by the cameras and not the VIEW; first and second generation Sony cameras (A7S, A7Rii etc) work best over wifi rather than USB for instance. Third generation (A7iii etc) has much improved USB functionality.

For a more comprehensive list of compatible cameras, supported features and usage notes, please check here. We strongly recommend testing your camera setup with the VIEW prior to taking it out on an actual shoot.

Which cable do I need?
The VIEW comes with the following different USB cables:

USB 2 Mini B
USB 2 Micro B
USB 3 Micro B

Most modern Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus cameras have a USB port – please check your camera to find out which cable you’ll need to use. Some cameras may use a proprietary cable, in which case you should still be able to use the original cable that came with your camera, providing it has a standard USB A connector on the other end.

Is it waterproof?

Weather resistant? Perhaps. The VIEW is designed for use outdoors and should stand up to inclement weather. It certainly isn’t any more waterproof than your camera.

Does it do motion control?
Yes, with the appropriate motion control equipment. The VIEW will synchronise with most shoot-move-shoot systems, and is fully compatible with the Dynamic Perception NMX system and Syrp Genie Mini.

More information can be found here.

What's the SD card slot for?
The SD card slot can be used to store raw images. This can be optional – depending on your camera model and whether you’re controlling it over USB or wifi, you can still record directly in camera. The VIEW will generate XMP files which can be copied to the SD card for post-processing necessary for ramped exposures.

We don’t include an SD card as any of your own will work.

For more information please see here.

Where can I find the mobile app?
You don’t need to download anything for control via mobile.

Simply connect directly to the VIEW’s own wifi network, and go to in your browser.

For more information click here. Please note that access via the internet (remote) is not currently supported for multiple users (ie a hire item).

What's the power splitter for?
Many cameras can be powered externally via USB, however the VIEW uses this USB port to control the camera. We’ve included a USB power splitter so that you can power your camera externally via a USB power bank whilst simultaneously controlling it via the VIEW.

What post-processing is required?
Shutter speeds in cameras are measured in differences of a third of a stop. When the VIEW creates ramped timelapses, the exposure changes as the timelapse progresses. Playing this back would show the ‘steps’ as the exposure changes which may look like flickering.

When you use an SD card with the VIEW, it will generate an XMP file with exposure correction data for Adobe Lightroom. You don’t have to use the SD card whilst shooting for this either – pop it in afterwards and it will ask if you want to copy the XMPs to the card.

Alternatively, you can use the Timelapse Workflow plugin for Adobe Lightroom without the need for the XMP file. This is a paid plugin, however there is a free trial available.

More information and full documentation on all the different methods can be found here.

What's GPS for?
The GPS has a number of different applications with the VIEW. By locating itself globally, the VIEW can geo-tag your photos, display local sun and moon data, enable sun and moon tracking when paired with a motion control system, or even automate exposures for solar eclipses!