We create compelling narratives that we feel have yet to be told or have not had the attention they deserve. Our passion is telling human stories and those of little known animal species, especially those which have been largely ignored by the media.

Our documentaries have been distributed worldwide, raising awareness to the widest audience possible, plus special screenings have been organised in locations of particular interest or relevance to the subject matter, promoting positive discussion and conservation within the communities involved.



Scottish Wildcats are the UK’s only remaining 'big cat' and Britain's rarest mammal. Narrated by Iain Glen and written by acclaimed poet John Rice, The Tigers Of Scotland is an hour long documentary that shines a spotlight on a species often neglected by the media, in favour of its larger and more famous cousins. The film explores the Wildcat's near mythical history, the problems they face in today's world and the conservation efforts being undertaken to ensure their survival.

The film is available to watch on the following platforms:


By creating visually engaging narratives that stay with viewers long after the credits roll, we believe that documentaries are one of the best ways to share stories. Whilst we specialise in natural history productions, we also produce factual content of a broader kind. We're interested in any documentary that engages, informs, educates and has an impact on its audience.

If you have a project, message or idea that you would like to see brought to the masses, we want to work with you and help deliver that vision in the form of moving image.


In addition to operating as an end-to-end production company, we provide crew for other productions, whether large or small. We camera operate for any outdoor shoot, whether that's wildlife, historic, scientific, nature or adventure.

Fully proficient with all the latest camera, lens, lighting and grip technologies, plus experienced and enthusiastic about spending long periods living outdoors in remote locations and conditions, we are ready to join your next production (our bags are already packed).

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