Infrared and Thermal Spectrums

31st July 2019 No Comments

There can be some confusion over the differences between the different types of night vision: infrared and thermal imaging. This post will explain the differences, advantages and uses of each. First, take a look at this chart. It maps part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and should help visualise where the different spectrums are in relation … Read More

Pulsar Helion XP50 review

7th April 2017 No Comments

We took the Pulsar Helion XP50 into the Scottish Highlands in search of the elusive Scottish Wildcat. Find out how the thermal camera aided in our search.

Welcome to Wild Films

21st March 2017 No Comments

Welcome to Wild Films Ltd. Formerly Bellatrix Photography and Film Ltd, we decided on a rebrand and so with it comes a new name and a new site!